Homeless Jack: “Praise the White Racism Gene”

by H. Millard “HEY, MAN,” said Homeless Jack, “you ever read that stuff that says White racism is genetic? You know, like we aware and awakened Whites have a gene for being racist. “I’ve seen some Whites rush in after reading that who try to deny it as though such a gene is bad. Hell, it ain’t bad, man. It’s Continue Reading →

Homeless Jack on Evolution…

by H. Millard “WE LIVE IN REALLY STUPID times, man,” said Homeless Jack. “Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, the same could be said for all times, but our stupid times are much worse. “We face extinction, man, and soft genocide is going on each and every day now as our stupid people — our kind — the non-Jewish White Continue Reading →

I Get Called A White Supremacist… Again

Ho Hum, Yawn — and What I Believe by H. Millard I WAS CALLED A WHITE supremacist again recently (and not in a good way) by one of the usual low I.Q. lefties whose mouth is bigger than his brain and who apparently doesn’t understand that words have meanings. Usually I don’t bother with bigots like this, but maybe this Continue Reading →

Homeless Jack: “Expand Our Code”

by H. Millard “LOOK, MAN,” said Homeless Jack, “we gotta expand our code. That’s why we’re alive. That is the meaning of our lives. That is our purpose. “If we don’t expand our code, we might as well not have lived at all. We are born to breed. We are born to expand. “And this is no different than it Continue Reading →

Homeless Jack: Breed and Eat Your Way Across the Universe

by H. Millard “HEY MAN,” said Homeless Jack, ” let me tell you a little more about Arman’s teachings. “Arman says that we have to think in terms of ‘our people’ and ‘not our people,’ if we are to head off our extinction, expand our kind and prosper. “But, you won’t understand what he really means so long as you Continue Reading →