New Video on the Leo Frank Trial — YouTube Miniseries

ABOVE YOU WILL SEE another superb video by reallygraceful on YouTube (hosted on another server in case the ethnically-distinct censors at YouTube decide to take it down) who has conducted thorough research on the Leo Frank case and murder of little Mary Phagan. She is presenting the facts of this case in her new video (number one of a miniseries) without any of the lies others like to throw in there to muddle up the case and show innocence where there isn’t any.

The author states:

This video is the first part in a mini-series about a famous Georgia trial–the trial of Leo Frank. The details of this trial have been purposefully twisted over time, images of news articles doctored, and any questioning about it silenced. This video is highly sourced from supreme court documents, archives of original news articles, and statements from the victim’s family.


Source: Little Mary Phagan

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