FOUNDED BY H.L. Mencken in 1924, The American Mercury is now an online magazine, providing news and views for the thinkers and leaders of the next generation — and with a direct connection to the print Mercury and its legacy.

The Mercury believes that most political discourse in the media today is staged and inauthentic. We make an end run around it.

We aim to bypass the corporate media’s sandbox and bring you original thinkers and their ideas, unmediated by the interests of capital or the political class.

Questioning the assumptions of the ruling globalist paradigm, the Mercury is for free, sustainable, independent communities for all peoples. We believe that Western Civilization — as well as indigenous communities worldwide — have a right to exist and be free.

We don’t believe in empire, whether imposed by guns or by votes or by dollars.

The Mercury is for religious freedom, including the right to be a freethinker.

The Mercury is neither of the “left” or the “right.” Critics of the oligarchy come from many traditions of thought and culture.

We actively seek out new writers and editors of excellence who believe in free thought and free communities. The new American Mercury was created in 2010 by a group of volunteer writers and editors, among whom are some who collectively worked with the contributors and management of the print Mercury for over 40 years. They and their direct successors work under the aegis of the Jefferson-Mencken Group, a ministry of the American Deist Community.

From H.L. Mencken to Karl Hess, from William Bradford Huie to Harold Lord Varney, we stand for a tradition that we believe exemplifies what is best in American journalism.

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