Homeless Jack on Taking the Path

by H. Millard “LOOK, MAN, a lot flows from the basic principle in Arman’s Teachings about what we call Code A. And, understanding what he teaches about Code A helps us sort out lots of things about morals and values and how we should live our lives. “Now, I follow Arman’s Teachings as best I can. Others can as well, Continue Reading →

Needed: A New Sexual Morality

Arman asks: Do we need a new code of sexual morality? by H. Millard IN OUR BELIEF SYSTEM for ourselves alone, our thinking on morality is based on the belief that each of us as White individuals must multiply and expand our particular DNA Code to its maximum during our lifetimes. In what follows, you can substitute “God” or the Continue Reading →

The Real Zombie Apocalypse

by H. Millard RACE MEANS SUBSPECIES. A subspecies is a group of organisms that has diverged from the species and which is on its way to being a separate species, usually no longer capable of bearing offspring with the old species. We Whites are a subspecies. We are on our way to becoming a separate species. However, if we miscegenate Continue Reading →

The Eagle and the Cockroach

by H. Millard THE EAGLE swooped down and said to the Cockroach, “You are a despicable creature and you are hated by humans. You live everywhere, you eat anything, and you breed like crazy. “I, on the other hand, am loved by humans. I am so noble and beautiful that many humans use me as a symbol for themselves and Continue Reading →

Arman Speaks: We Are Different

by H. Millard ARMAN SPOKE, SAYING: We are different, some of us, I am convinced; at least those of us who instinctively understand, or who are easily awakened to the White truth with very little prodding. We who know, know in our bones that we Whites must remain separate and even isolated in order to evolve along the best trajectory Continue Reading →