What’s Wrong with the Real Right? – part 1

by T.R. Bennington FOR ANY political movement that seeks eventual ascendancy, it is incumbent to engage in regular bouts of self-analysis. As a casual but sympathetic observer of the so-called far-right, I have compiled a list of what I believe to be some of the tactical errors and misconceptions made and held respectively by many racialists, white nationalists, devotees of Continue Reading →

Homeless Jack on Taking the Path

by H. Millard “LOOK, MAN, a lot flows from the basic principle in Arman’s Teachings about what we call Code A. And, understanding what he teaches about Code A helps us sort out lots of things about morals and values and how we should live our lives. “Now, I follow Arman’s Teachings as best I can. Others can as well, Continue Reading →

‘The Choice of Achilles’: John Alan Coey Against the New World Order

by T.R. Bennington AS EVER, BUT ESPECIALLY in our present state of civilizational malaise, there is a need for figures with the power to inspire — men who in less confused and cynical times would have been unabashedly described as heroic. One such figure is Corporal John Alan Coey, a young soldier who has perhaps not yet fully received the Continue Reading →

Homeless Jack on the Ways of Existence

by H. Millard “MANY WHITE FOLKS, even those with some White consciousness, still don’t get it about Arman’s teachings and their own existence,” said Homeless Jack. “If they did understand more, they’d be stronger in their beliefs about their Whiteness and would live happier more fulfilled lives. “Some Whites talk about race and racial differences but they start too far Continue Reading →

Homeless Jack: We Can’t Blame ‘Them’ If We Go Extinct

by H. Millard “LET ME TELL YOU SOME STUFF, man,” said Homeless Jack, “but before I get to the meat of it, let me first tell you that I’m a big believer in existence and the ways of existence. “You might want to call that Nature’s ways, and that’s okay too. I tell you this, because when I look at Continue Reading →