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Homeless Jack: We Can’t Blame ‘Them’ If We Go Extinct

Published by on June 10, 2012

Homeless Jack: We Can’t Blame ‘Them’ If We Go Extinct thumbnail

by H. Millard

“LET ME TELL YOU SOME STUFF, man,” said Homeless Jack, “but before I get to the meat of it, let me first tell you that I’m a big believer in existence and the ways of existence.

“You might want to call that Nature’s ways, and that’s okay too. I tell you this, because when I look at humans and the human situation I don’t see much difference between us and other organisms on a basic principle level. I mean, all organisms have genetic programs that tell them to compete for survival and dominance. It’s all from the DNA codes, man. That’s how Nature improves all organisms — competition. The strong win, the weak lose. In Nature, there is no good and evil. Just the strong and the weak. And, despite what some humans may think, it’s the same with us.

“Now, this is what I want to tell you. I keep hearing comments from some of our people who complain about how it’s some evil ‘THEM’ or some evil ‘OTHERS’ who are to blame for our problems as a people.

“Well, who the hell is THEM and the OTHERS? Jews? Commies? Blacks? Asians? Hispanics? Bilderbergers? The filthy rich? The Illuminati? Go ahead, man, throw in a name of some THEM and some OTHERS. Just about all of THEM and OTHERS have been blamed at one time or another. In fact, to some other types of humans, we are the THEM and the OTHERS. It’s all natural, man. It’s just human psychology to blame others.

“But, here’s the truth of it for us right now. The main problem we have as a people — I’m talking about White people — is that we are facing genocide, both from violent attacks and also from bedroom genocide. Our existence is in danger. Yeah, some of the THEM and some of the OTHERS may be the immediate surface cause of this, but dig deeper, man, and you’ll see that all that the THEM and the OTHERS are doing is competing with us as Nature demands. The weak are eliminated, and the strong survive. That’s the way it works for ants and that’s the way it works for us. The real problem is ourselves. Because of false ideas that are too common among our people we have become dispirited weak pushovers. We’ve become a bunch of sissified dandies afraid to be ourselves and to compete fully. We have to compete better.

“Look, THEM and the OTHERS are just trying to do the best they can do to survive and dominate all niches. They mostly don’t even know this on a conscious level. Again, this is just part of their genetic program as it is for all life including us White ones, man. The problem for us right now is that we have too many weak seeds among our kind of human who are so conditioned with baloney that they’re overriding their natural genetic programs and seemingly wanting to dig their own graves so they can crawl into them and then pull the dirt in over their heads lest they have to actually start boldly competing again as the distinct people that they are. They don’t like the struggle, man. They’re afraid to compete. Competing in our day often means others will call us ‘racists’ and a bunch of other names, and the weak seeds among us will do anything to avoid being called ‘racists.’

“Are you listening to me? Let me tell you this again. Sure, others want to get a leg up on us and they want the best for themselves, some even want to exterminate us. Big deal. There’s nothing new in that. That’s just the way Nature works. We’re in a contest to see who can come out on top. It’s no different with us than it is with ants. Well, there is one difference: We can think about these things and see what’s happening and maybe make corrections if we’re smart enough to do so. If we’re not smart enough, then extinction is going to be our fate.

“Take the Jews, man. I told you this before, but maybe you forgot it. I was born Catholic in an area that was mostly Catholic, and when I was a young teen I heard some adults saying some negative things about Jews. I asked one of them why they didn’t like Jews and he replied ‘They’re too cliquey.’ The others seemed to agree. Too cliquey? So, what did these people really mean? I’ll tell you. They were really saying that they resented Jews because the Jews looked out for themselves and didn’t blend in with the non-Jews in some sort of plain wrap identity that is really no identity at all, and they retained their own sense of who and what they are.

“Well, I wondered then, and I wonder now, what the Hell’s wrong with that? We should be cliquey. That’s a major attitude that is needed to survive as a distinct people. Look out for yourself, then those closest to you, and then those most like you, instead of galloping off to help people who are least like you, as so many Great White Mothers and Great White Fathers do.

“We have a mental disorder — some of us White people — too many of us White people, in fact. We think everyone should blend in with us and then the whole damn world will be swell. And, those THEM and the OTHERS who actually like themselves as they are and who stay with their own or who show some self and group esteem, we knock. We want them to assimilate, which really means we want them to be like us. Well, that’s a major error in thinking. We should not want everyone to blend in with us. That will eventually lead to our destruction. Once, when there were just a few of THEM and the OTHERS who could reach our lands, they might have been absorbed by us, but now we are the ones in danger of being absorbed into them.

“So, how did this nonsense of wanting THEM and the OTHERS to blend in with us and become a lumpen plain wrap American (read White American) start?

“I think it came about because in the U.S. we Whites were in the majority for so long that we just unconsciously thought that we were the majority on the planet or the main model human and that others would be absorbed by us and ‘become us’ in a few generations. You’ll even hear some dumb-ass White fools today say ‘Don’t put a hyphen in my name, I’m just an American.’ That’s a stupid thing to say. What the hell is an American? The country has only been here for a few hundred years, yet we, as a distinct human type, have been around for thousands of years. Hell, my answer to those idiots is to be sure to put a hyphen in my name: ‘White-American.’ Be sure the White is first, man. Better still, just leave off the American part and call me White. That’s my real identity that I was born with. And, it don’t matter a damn what piece of land I was born on; I’m still White. That’s who and what I am. Screw the artificial identities. And, if America no longer serves my best interests as the distinct human type that I am, as it once did, then don’t expect me to salute the flag and smile as though I’m one of those fools who are still locked into the false belief that America today is as it was fifty years ago, when it really did help Whites. The Cleavers don’t live here anymore, man. Hell, to even get a TV program that looks like America was just a few years ago, Hollywood has to shoot in Canada.

“Trust your eyes, man. All of America is becoming like Detroit. Do you feel pride in Detroit or any other major non-White city? Hell, no; if you have half a brain, you’re fleeing from such cities and those cities are spreading as America devolves to Third World status in proportion to the decline of the White majority.

“We must avoid blending in and we must become cliquey. We must see ourselves as White and protect our identity and our people, or we’re going to go extinct.

“We must compete better, not just complain because THEM and the OTHERS are competing better.

“And, what do I mean by competing better? Just this. We need to be smarter, stronger, more clever. And, we need to breed more. And it’s this last thing, breed more, that is by far the most important thing we can do.

“You know, there’s a real clear example of what I’m talking about going on in England right now that should send a message to our people with enough intelligence to see the principles involved. Over there, the native squirrel is the red squirrel. He’s a cute little thing with ear tufts and all. However, he’s going extinct. The reason is that some grey squirrels were imported into England — they’re the kind you see all over the U.S. — the greys are more aggressive, and have reproductive adaptations and some other things that allow them to be better competitors than the reds. So, the greys are taking over and the reds are dying out.

“As I said, man, there is no ‘good’ or ‘evil’ in this. It’s just a matter of who can compete better.

“You get the relevant principles, right, man? The greys are better competitors than the reds. So what should the greys do? Should they stop being as they are to give the reds a chance? Should the greys stop struggling to be the best they can be because others can’t compete with them? Of course not. That’s not Nature’s way. However, that’s what Whites are doing in the U.S. We’re holding ourselves back and trying to be small so others can compete with us. ‘Affirmative action’ and a bunch of other things are tamping us down and causing us to be less than we can be. To struggle and compete and be all that we can be means others can’t keep up with us in many things, so we hold ourselves back

“Back on this breeding more, man. We ain’t gonna make it without vast numbers of us to struggle against THEM and the OTHERS. We have always been on top when we expand. We are not going to be on top by contracting. It’s in our blood that we need to feel crowded by our own kind to make moves outward and to be a vibrant vigorous people of Spring, not a bunch of dried up husks of Winter hiding in the shadows as so many of our people are now doing.

“We have to adapt to a changed world, man. And, I don’t mean that we need to blend in, God forbid that, because that really is our death. What I mean is that we no longer have the geographic isolation that we had before fast mass transport and worldwide communications. We can no longer have the stereotypical Father Knows Best family. We need to teem like maggots on garbage, man. We need to produce children like there’s no tomorrow, because if we don’t, we may not have a tomorrow.

“But, I see a great opportunity that we now have in which we can turn things around. See, one of the big problems we have is that the dark masses are now invading our lands and jumping into our gene pool. Then, the weak seed dimwits among our kind subconsciously feel crowded by these others and don’t have more of our kind of children. What they need to understand is that these other children are not our children, so the crowding we feel is not the real crowding that our people felt in the past. In fact, we are not crowded with our own children at all. We have far too few of our own children, and that’s the problem. So, if we can teach our people this, maybe they will start having more of our children again.

“Not following me, man? Yeah, maybe I wasn’t too clear. Try this. Too many of our people see all humans as the same instead of believing what their eyes tell them. And, in thinking that all humans are the same, they fail to see why we should have more children. Once our people understand that not all humans are the same and that we are a separate subspecies — which is what race means — they may start working for our own benefit again.

“So, you’re still wondering where the great opportunity is in this, right? It’s that we may be in an age where we can avoid brother wars, because the THEM and the OTHERS aren’t our own people. In the past, we fought each other. I mean, there’s no big difference between a Frenchy who lives on this side of the road in France and a German who lives on the other side of the road in Germany, but in the past we didn’t always see this. Now, the THEM and the OTHERS are darker peoples who aren’t our White brothers, sisters, and cousins. Now, they really are the THEM and the OTHERS. But, our people have to be deprogrammed from the conditioning of the blenders who have made too many of them think that we’re all the same.

“We need to turn our figurative cannons outward, away from our own kind and toward the other kinds of humans. If we do that, we’ll win, man. I’m sure of it. But the others want to keep us fragmented as a people. They want us to falsely believe that their kind is the same as our kind and that we should deny our eyes and look for some sort of ‘content of their character’ to know who we should bond with. Screw that ‘content of their character’ crap. If they ain’t got our genotype — our genetic code — and no other people does have our genotype or genetic code, then they ain’t one of us. They are the enemy in the fight for survival. Yup, they are the enemy, even if individuals among them don’t see this or feel this way or think this. Nature don’t give a damn; it’s just trying to bring forth the best genetic type, not the weakest type.

“Man, all this stuff I’m telling you is really pretty simple. It’s like germs. Germs ain’t good or evil. They’re just trying to survive and they have no evil intent, but that don’t matter. If they can harm us, we must struggle to stop them from doing so even if they’re the sweetest germs and the content of their character is tip top. We don’t cry and hold candles because we harmed the germs, man. We rub the bastards out to protect ourselves and we shouldn’t give a damn if they’re also just trying to live. It’s the result of their actions that is important, not their intent.

“Anyway, that’s it for now, man. Go out and have a bunch of fully White children. God wants you to do that before all else.”

(© 2012 H. Millard)

* * *

“Millard is an original. His books aren’t like your typical fiction. If you don’t know where to put his books, try the same shelf with Kerouac, Kafka, Sartre and Nietzsche…”

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