Survival of the Black Race in North America

There are lessons that readers of all races can learn from the words of this Black writer, who calls for self-determination for his people — which, ultimately, means their own society. by Lawrence Neal (pictured) THE MOST ESSENTIAL QUESTION confronting me is the psychological and physical survival of the Black man in America. I believe that it is impossible for Continue Reading →

African-Americans: Dating on the Front Lines

by Omar Khilaed FACED WITH a relentless campaign — the most recent salvo is from none other than the Washington Post — encouraging African-Americans to abandon their heritage when it comes to marriage and sexual relationships, some black folks have decided to stand up for the continued existence of black families. An organization has been formed to help African-Americans find Continue Reading →

Washington Post Urges Black Women to Date, Marry Interracially

by Omar Khilaed DENEEN L. BROWN¬† (pictured) writes recently in the establishment flagship Washington Post that black women should be encouraged to date and marry non-black men — but black activists are outraged. “It’s patronizing; it’s demeaning; and it can only lead to the decline and eventual disappearance of everything we love, and ultimately the end of ourselves,” according to Continue Reading →