Homeless Jack on Evolution…

by H. Millard “WE LIVE IN REALLY STUPID times, man,” said Homeless Jack. “Yeah, I know what you’re thinking, the same could be said for all times, but our stupid times are much worse. “We face extinction, man, and soft genocide is going on each and every day now as our stupid people — our kind — the non-Jewish White Continue Reading →

Homeless Jack’s Lexicon

by H. Millard “I KNOW YOU’RE trying to figure out more about this religion of mine, man,” said Homeless Jack, “so here’s a basic lexicon that may help you get it. I got this from Arman. “And, you probably want to know how many believers there are in addition to Arman. Well, all I know is, I believe. One is Continue Reading →

Life is Evolution

by Don Kaiser THE SOLE CHARACTERISTIC that ultimately distinguishes living from non-living matter is classical Darwinian evolution. Life is simply matter that evolves. A simple analysis of the definition of life leads to the conclusion that living matter is inanimate matter that evolves. Evolution is the sole feature that differentiates living matter from non-living matter. Consider a definition of life Continue Reading →

A New People Born Out of the Old

by H. Millard HOMELESS JACK SAID, “People in my faith know that we are the new Whites — a new people born out of the old — we are born anew after we have awakened to the truth. We are born anew by choice and we have brought ourselves anew into this world from the rotted and empty husks of Continue Reading →

I Get Called A White Supremacist… Again

Ho Hum, Yawn — and What I Believe by H. Millard I WAS CALLED A WHITE supremacist again recently (and not in a good way) by one of the usual low I.Q. lefties whose mouth is bigger than his brain and who apparently doesn’t understand that words have meanings. Usually I don’t bother with bigots like this, but maybe this Continue Reading →