By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do Boston

by Keith Johnson WAS SLAIN Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamarlin Tsarnaev (pictured) coerced, blackmailed or manipulated by Mossad agents posing as FBI agents? Mark Glenn and the crew over at The Ugly Truth have produced a series of radio broadcasts making a compelling argument that he was: TUT Broadcast April 20, 2013 The Victory Hour April 22, 2013 TUT Broadcast Continue Reading →

American Revolutionary Patriots Invented IEDs

by Philip Devlin DURING THE PAST DECADE of American involvement in the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan, an improvised explosive device, often referred to as an IED, has become a common part of our recent vocabulary. IEDs have accounted for over 50 percent of the nearly 5,900 American deaths so far in those engagements. IEDs can take many forms; Continue Reading →

al-Qaeda Leader Speaks at Australian Mosque

The existence of such totally illegal atrocities as a “CIA Kill List” only fuels and emboldens such terrorists. — Ed. by Erik Jensen AN AL-QAEDA recruiter, described as the No. 1 terrorist threat to America, was engaged by a Sydney youth group to address hundreds of young people — a decision that has caused deep divisions at one of Australia’s Continue Reading →

The Mysterious “Hutaree Militia”

Editorial by James Sanchez, European-American Issues Forum Who are the previously off-the-radar “militia members” accused in an FBI bomb plot? What is real and what is “black ops” and propaganda? I HAD NEVER heard of the Hutaree. Seemingly, the Hutaree were a vast conspiracy that wanted to kill police officers as part of a plot to start a race war Continue Reading →