By Way of Deception, Thou Shalt Do Boston

by Keith Johnson

WAS SLAIN Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamarlin Tsarnaev (pictured) coerced, blackmailed or manipulated by Mossad agents posing as FBI agents?

Mark Glenn and the crew over at The Ugly Truth have produced a series of radio broadcasts making a compelling argument that he was:

TUT Broadcast April 20, 2013
The Victory Hour April 22, 2013
TUT Broadcast April 23, 2013

As with any likely false-flag scenario, one must ask Cui Bono? ~ who benefits?

The American people certainly did not benefit, nor did the Muslim world of which Tsarnaev identified. Attacking a sporting event attended by innocent men, women and children from around the world makes no strategic sense unless the perpetrators intended to entice retaliation. It stands to reason then, that those perpetrators would have to pose as their enemy to bring about a charged response against that enemy.

So who stands to benefit from such an operation?

From Haaretz:

Ron Dermer, a diplomatic advisor consultant to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and candidate for the post of Israeli ambassador to Washington, told a closed meeting of U.S. Jewish leaders in New York last week that the Boston marathon bombings would increase American support for Israel – just as that support increased following the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001.

Dermer made his remarks last Wednesday, two days after explosions rocked the Boston Marathon, killing three people and wounding nearly 200 more. Dermer, considered one of Netanyahu’s closest associates, is currently on vacation, after having finished his stint as a senior adviser at the Prime Minister’s Bureau.

“The bulk of the American people stand firmly with Israel and identify with Israel,” Dermer said, in a video filmed by blogger Jacob Kornbluh. “If you can look, historically, there was a big change after 9/11, and I am sure that after the tragic bombing in Boston, people will identify more with Israel and its struggle against terrorism and we can maintain that support.”

Commenting on the aforementioned article, The Ugly Truth’s Mark Glenn writes:

Sound familiar? It should. Netanyahu said virtually the EXACT same thing in the aftermath of the Israeli engineered act of war against America on 9/11, saying the attacks were `good’ as they would generate `immediate sympathy for Israel.’

Now that we have established Cui Bono, where do we go from here in establishing links between the benefactors and the perpetrators? Indulge me.

It’s a long and arduous journey to the truth. Let’s begin…

The FBI now admits that they made contact with Tamarlin Tsarnaev in 2011 but failed to find any incriminating information about him.

According to CBS:

As first reported by CBS News correspondent Bob Orr, the FBI interviewed Tsarnaev, the elder brother of at-large bombing suspect Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, at the request of a foreign government to see if he had any extremist ties, but failed to find any linkage.

Both Tsarnaev brothers were legal permanent residents of the U.S. There is no evidence so far that either brother received any tactical training.

CBS News correspondent John Miller reports it is likely Russia asked to have the elder Tsarnaev vetted because of suspected ties to Chechen extremists.

The FBI is likely to have run a background check, running his name through all the relevant databases, including those of other agencies, checking on his communications and all of his overseas travel. Miller reports that culminated in a sit-down interview where they probably asked him a lot of questions about his life, his contacts, his surroundings. All of this was then written in a report and sent it to the requesting government.

So the FBI responded to a tip from Russia in 2011, right? However, NBC News reports that the Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation (FSB) provided FBI with information on Tsarnaev as recently as Novemebr 2012:

A police official source in Makhachkala, Dagestan, told NBC News on Sunday that the Russian internal security service reached out to the FBI last November with some questions about Tamerlan, and handed over a copy of case file on him.

Tsarnaev had first popped up on the local police radar in Dagestan last summer, the source said. During routine surveillance of an individual known to be involved in the militant Islamic underground movement, the police witnessed Tamerlan meet the latter at a Salafi mosque in Makhachkala, the police official said.

It was one of six times in total that surveillance officials witnessed Tsarnaev meeting this militant at the same mosque, according to the police official. The militant contact later disappeared, the police official said, but so did Tsarnaev before investigators had a chance to speak with him. The FBI never responded, according to the Dagestani police official.

So why didn’t the FBI follow up? According to Justin Raimondo of

The problem is that the Chechen “freedom fighters” are US allies, along with their ideological compatriots in Libya and Syria… Although support for the Chechen independence movement is bipartisan, that troublesome little sect known as the neoconservatives has actively backed the Chechen cause from the get-go: an impressive list of prominent neocons, including Bill Kristol, sits on the board of the Chechens’ principal US propaganda outfit, the American Committee for Peace in the Caucasus (formerly the American Committee for Peace in Chechnya). According to Glen Howard, head of the Jamestown Foundation, a neocon outfit focused on Central Asia, the Chechens aren’t Islamist terrorists, they’re just cuddly “nationalists” rebelling against a Russia that has gone “fascist.” “The Russians are trying to treat Chechen separatism through the prism of 9/11 and terror rather than as a nationalist movement that has been defying Kremlin rule for 200 years,” says Howard.

Then there’s this explanation from neocon mouthpiece Eli Lake of The Daily Beast:

There were good reasons that the tip didn’t trigger a more aggressive American investigation, current and former intelligence and law-enforcement officials tell The Daily Beast.

Those officials pointed to the FSB’s habit of treating much behavior by Chechens as suspicious, and nearly all such behavior as terror-related. The Tsarnaev request, they speculated, was likely triggered by the FSB’s concern that he would participate in or provide support to Chechen insurrectionists in Russia, rather that by any sense of a threat to American interests.

Here’s another theory: Did the FBI ignore Russia’s warning because Tsarnaev was working as an intelligence asset for the U.S. government? There’s no evidence to reach that conclusion, but all things should be taken into consideration.

Here’s yet another theory to consider: Did Tsarnaev THINK he was working as an intelligence asset for the U.S. government? Was Tsarnaev lured, coerced or blackmailed into carrying out intelligence operations by foreign operatives posing as U.S. intelligence or law enforcement agents?

So far, the FBI admits to coming in contact with Tsarnaev on ONLY ONE occasion. However, Tsarnaev’s mother told The Daily Telegraph that her son “first aroused suspicions in the United States in 2008, and FBI agents met him on `at least five’ occasions afterwards, the last time a year and a half ago.

She said: `They came and asked him, what are you doing, what are you up to?

`They said Tamerlan was an influential lad, he had the personality of a leader. And they asked me, `Don’t you have any thoughts that he could organise some kind of group of a terrorist persuasion?’

`They said they’d seen what kind of videos he’d been looking at, and they told me that they keep young leaders among Muslims under control so there aren’t any bombings, so that they don’t fall under someone’s influence.’

Mrs Tsarnaeva said FBI agents contacted her son by telephone a final time three days after the marathon bombing, one day before he died.

“They said he was suspected of involvement and told him he needed to come in for questioning,” she said. “He told them to come and find him and hung up. He was fed up with talking to them.”

I should stress that the mother said her son had been contacted “at least five” times by the FBI in addition to the single occasion that the FBI admits to. The last time was three days after the Boston Marathon bombing, something that the FBI denies. According to the Boston Herald:

The FBI is strongly refuting a report by Britain’s Channel 4 News that Tamerlan Tsarnaev was contacted by federal agents last week, days after the Marathon bombings and days before he allegedly murdered an MIT police officer and before he was killed in a gunfight with cops and his fugitive brother held Greater Boston hostage for an entire day.

“Story is false,” a spokeswoman for the agency said in an email response to a Herald inquiry.

In a separate interview with Russia Today (RT), Tsarnaev’s mother said the FBI “used to come [to our] home, they used to talk to me…they were telling me that he [the older, 26-y/o Tamerlan] was really an extremist leader and that they were afraid of him. They told me whatever information he is getting, he gets from these extremist sites… they were controlling him, they were controlling his every step…and now they say that this is a terrorist act! Never ever is this true, my sons are innocent!”

So is the FBI lying or intentionally withholding information about multiple contacts with Tsarnaev? Maybe not. That’s not to say that Tsarnaev’s mother is lying either. But if the FBI didn’t control Tsarnaev’s “every step,” as his mother claims, then who did?

We’ve now come full circle. We know that Israel is the one entity that stands to benefit from the attacks in Boston. But is it in their character to pose as U.S. intelligence of law enforcement assets in order to manipulate patsies into performing actions that serve their interests? Oh yeah! After all, the motto of their intelligence service is “By Way Of Deception, Thou Shalt Do War.

In a January 2012 article for Foreign Policy, entitled False Flag, Mark Perry writes:

Buried deep in the archives of America’s intelligence services are a series of memos, written during the last years of President George W. Bush’s administration, that describe how Israeli Mossad officers recruited operatives belonging to the terrorist group Jundallah by passing themselves off as American agents. According to two U.S. intelligence officials, the Israelis, flush with American dollars and toting U.S. passports, posed as CIA officers in recruiting Jundallah operatives — what is commonly referred to as a “false flag” operation.

The memos, as described by the sources, one of whom has read them and another who is intimately familiar with the case, investigated and debunked reports from 2007 and 2008 accusing the CIA, at the direction of the White House, of covertly supporting Jundallah — a Pakistan-based Sunni extremist organization. Jundallah, according to the U.S. government and published reports, is responsible for assassinating Iranian government officials and killing Iranian women and children.

But while the memos show that the United States had barred even the most incidental contact with Jundallah, according to both intelligence officers, the same was not true for Israel’s Mossad. The memos also detail CIA field reports saying that Israel’s recruiting activities occurred under the nose of U.S. intelligence officers, most notably in London, the capital of one of Israel’s ostensible allies, where Mossad officers posing as CIA operatives met with Jundallah officials.

The officials did not know whether the Israeli program to recruit and use Jundallah is ongoing. Nevertheless, they were stunned by the brazenness of the Mossad’s efforts.

“It’s amazing what the Israelis thought they could get away with,” the intelligence officer said. “Their recruitment activities were nearly in the open. They apparently didn’t give a damn what we thought.”

So if Mossad agents would be so bold as to pose as CIA agents abroad, who’s to say they aren’t posing as FBI agents or CIA agents on American soil? Some may say that they would never dare do something like that right under our noses. Really? In an August 2010 article for the American Conservative, entitled Mossad in America, former CIA station chief Phillip Giraldi writes:

Israeli government claims that it does not spy on the United States are intended for the media and popular consumption. The reality is that Israel’s intelligence agencies target the United States intensively, particularly in pursuit of military and dual-use civilian technology. Among nations considered to be friendly to Washington, Israel leads all others in its active espionage directed against American companies and the Defense Department. It also dominates two commercial sectors that enable it to extend its reach inside America’s domestic infrastructure: airline and telecommunications security. Israel is believed to have the ability to monitor nearly all phone records originating in the United States, while numerous Israeli air-travel security companies are known to act as the local Mossad stations.

As tensions with Iran increase, sources in the counterintelligence community report that Israeli agents have become more aggressive in targeting Muslims living in the United States as well as in operating against critics. There have been a number of cases reported to the FBI about Mossad officers who have approached leaders in Arab-American communities and have falsely represented themselves as “U.S. intelligence.” Because few Muslims would assist an Israeli, this is done to increase the likelihood that the target will cooperate. It’s referred to as a “false flag” operation.

Mossad officers sought to recruit Arab-Americans as sources willing to inform on their associates and neighbors. The approaches, which took place in New York and New Jersey, were reportedly handled clumsily, making the targets of the operation suspicious. These Arab-Americans turned down the requests for cooperation, and some of the contacts were eventually reported to the FBI, which has determined that at least two of the Mossad officers are, ironically, Israeli Arabs operating out of Israel’s mission to the United Nations in New York under cover as consular assistants.

In another bizarre case, U.S.S. Liberty survivor Phil Tourney was recently accosted in Southern California by a foreigner who eventually identified himself as an Israeli government representative. Tourney was taunted, and the Israeli threatened both him and journalist Mark Glenn, who has been reporting on the Liberty story. Tourney was approached in a hotel lounge, and it is not completely clear how the Israeli was able to identify him. But he knew exactly who Tourney was, as the official referred to the Liberty, saying that the people who had been killed on board had gotten what they deserved. There were a number of witnesses to the incident, including Tourney’s wife. The threat has been reported to the FBI, which is investigating, but Tourney and Glenn believe that the incident is not being taken seriously by the bureau.

FBI sources indicate that the increase in Mossad activity is a major problem, particularly when Israelis are posing as U.S. government officials, but they also note that there is little they can do to stop it as the Justice Department refuses to initiate any punitive action or prosecutions of the Mossad officers who have been identified as involved in the illegal activity.

If you don’t want to take Giraldi’s word for it, then perhaps you’d be more inclined to believe The Washington Post. In a September 2010 post of his “Spy Talk” column, Jeff Stein quoted a second former CIA official who supported Giraldi’s account:

“Oh, sure, they do that,” Stein quoted the unnamed official as saying, “They’re all over the place.”

The Israelis are masters of deception and have a long history of wearing multiple disguises. Here’s just one random example from 1988:

Arledge Alleges That Israelis Posed as ABC News Crew

NEW YORKABC News President Roone Arledge has sharply protested to Israeli officials what he said were Israel security forces who posed as an ABC News crew to lure a Palestinian youth to his arrest, the network said Wednesday.

ABC News President Roone Arledge has sharply protested to Israeli officials what he said were Israel security forces who posed as an ABC News crew to lure a Palestinian youth to his arrest, the network said Wednesday.

Yediot Ahrnot, a Hebrew-language newspaper in Jerusalem, reported the incident and said it occurred in a village 20 miles north of Jerusalem. The newspaper said villagers claimed that Israeli security forces posing as an ABC News crew lured the Palestinian youth into their car on the pretext of seeking an interview then arrested him for throwing firebombs.

What role the Tsarnaev brothers played in the Boston Marathon bombing is still unclear, but there is ample evidence to suggest that they were manipulated by shadow elements to perform actions that would ultimately implicate them.

According to RT:

Russian `Alpha’ Special Forces team-veteran and vice-president of its International Association, Aleksey Filatov, believes there is more to the case than meets the eye. He emphasizes, firstly, that the origin and religious beliefs of the suspect, along with the specifics of the bombing, have all been carefully pre-meditated and planned by someone within the United States in order to distract the public from the true identity and long-term aims of the actual planners.

“Putting a young Chechen in those shoes was top-notch professionalism in distracting everyone from the true identity and motives of the planner.”

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