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Homeless Jack: “Praise the White Racism Gene”

Published by on September 16, 2012

Homeless Jack: “Praise the White Racism Gene” thumbnail

by H. Millard

“HEY, MAN,” said Homeless Jack, “you ever read that stuff that says White racism is genetic? You know, like we aware and awakened Whites have a gene for being racist.

“I’ve seen some Whites rush in after reading that who try to deny it as though such a gene is bad. Hell, it ain’t bad, man. It’s a good thing. You see, White racism is really a survival mechanism. It has Whites with this superior mutated gene quickly know who is like them and who isn’t and to do whatever is necessary to protect their genetic code, which also means protect themselves.

“So, anyway, if it’s true that there is a gene or genes for White racism (and, praise be to God or Nature if there is), and if we Whites, who call ourselves racialists or racists or White Nationalists or by a variety of other names or maybe we haven’t even decided on a name for what we believe, truly do have the gene, and if we then are outcasts from polite White society (a good thing, by damn) as a result, we will more than likely gravitate to other Whites with the same mutation and we will have children with some of them and those children will then have a good chance of inheriting two copies of the White racism gene and be super White racists and will continue on into the next generation avoiding miscegenation, and perhaps avoiding mating even with Whites who don’t have the mutation. It’s natural selection, man.

“See, it’s kind of like if you have certain color eyes and hair and if you marry someone with the same color eyes and hair as you, then your children are very likely to also have the same color eyes and hair. I mean this is just basic genetics and Mendelian inheritance. We don’t spring up from nothing. We are our genetic code and it is us.

“Marry or breed for the racist gene, man. It’s the way our genetic code and Whites will survive.

“Give it a few thousand years the way things are going now, and the descendants of today’s superior genetic White racists may be the only Whites left on the planet, and they will be a tribe that will continue to grow and expand, while the poor Whites in the past — which is our present — who weren’t lucky enough to get the White racist gene, and who eventually mixed with non-Whites, will be extinct and their descendants will no longer be White. Oh, I said a few thousand years, right? Well, our superior White racist gene can spread through our White population much, much faster if those of us with the superior White racist gene breed to our maximum.

“It is Nature’s way, man.

“Look at it this way, dodo birds apparently lacked a gene that would have had them be wary of organisms unlike themselves, so they would just walk right up to humans who would often grab and cook them. They are now extinct. Had they had the equivalent of our White racist gene, they’d more than likely still be around. Bye bye dodo and bye bye pitiful Whites who lack the racism gene and who practice miscegenation and birth control.

“But, what about how most Whites used to feel about race, say a hundred years, ago? Almost all Whites back then would be what today we call racist, right, man? So, how come today many Whites don’t still believe that racist stuff from the past?

“The answer may be that most Whites then, and also now, don’t have the superior White racist gene or maybe only have one copy of it so it isn’t fully expressed.

“Such Whites are to be pitied. They are like little children who don’t see danger with their own eyes. They’re also like dodos and like lemmings. They fall in with whatever is happening now in any age. They are weak seeds with weak minds and they’re easily conditioned to believe up is down or that black is white. Back a hundred years ago, many of them would have been racist in their surface beliefs — though not in their genetic codes — because that was what was happening then. Today, if those very same people were now alive, many would see nothing wrong with mating with Blacks and Asians and they’d be in favor of homosexuality and whatever is happening now.

“You see, man, people like that just follow the crowd. They lack the superior White racist gene. They are extinction walking. They are useless bags of fertilizer on two legs. They just easily fall in with whatever conditioning works best. In an age when everyone smoked cigarettes, these would be the true believers in smoking. In an age when few smoke cigarettes, these same people are the true believers in not smoking. And, it’s the same with everything else, man. They’re the low-IQ types who cluster around the center of the bell curve. It’s genetic with them, man. They have the living-half-awake gene.

“You see how they are, right, man? They’re like the best subjects for hypnotists. They can be easily convinced to not only accept things that are harmful for themselves, but to be the most vocal in favor of such things; or alternatively they can be convinced to go in just the opposite direction. It just depends on their conditioning. Their convictions are not genetic with them. They lack a true genetic basis for their world views and beliefs — unlike us with the White racist gene. Our views are genetically based and they’re solid. Conditioning to change our views doesn’t work any better on us than would conditioning to change the color of our eyes or hair. There is an authentic and physical reason for the way we think.

“Again, thank God or Nature for giving us the superior White racist gene. The future shall be ours. ”

(© 2012 H. Millard)

* * *

“Millard is an original. His books aren’t like your typical fiction. If you don’t know where to put his books, try the same shelf with Kerouac, Kafka, Sartre and Nietzsche…”

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