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Homeless Jack Talks About the Righteous Path

Published by on February 6, 2011

Homeless Jack Talks About the Righteous Path thumbnail

by H. Millard

“YOU WANT TO walk my path, man?” asked Homeless Jack. “Well, if so, then you have to understand that my path is narrow and it’s going to the stars. It may take many generations, but my DNA code is on the way through my children and my children’s children into the far future.

“You say, ‘What is he talking about?’ Right? Well, I’ll tell you, I’m talking about life itself and I’m talking about religion and true science and my purpose and yours too, if you accept it.

“Our highest possible destiny is to be more ‘white,’ not less so. See, man, we’re the jumping off point for the next man. He comes through us. He is the new improved model of us and he’ll carry those of us who have passed on our DNA higher.

“We White ones are the descendants of that first White — that human who made the leap from the rest of mankind to our kind. We figure that probably happened in Europe, which is the cradle of our kind.

“Hey, let me back up a little. We believe that life on Earth started from the code of life that then produced the first molecule of DNA. That first molecule of DNA was like a cornucopia and it began spitting out life left and right and up and down and every which way. We also believe that the process continues unabated today.

“We White people are one of the myriad types of organisms that eventually evolved from that first molecule of DNA. As with all other life on Earth, we carry that same basic code of life at the heart of our now expanded DNA code.

“Do you know why Whites are relatively few on this dark planet, man? It’s because we’re a later evolutionary development. We’re a relatively recent branching off from the trunk of humanity.

“In the isolation we once had in Europe, we expanded from that first White person to become a family, a tribe, and then many nations. All Whites are linked to each other by our major genetic characteristics.

“And white skin is the most important of these characteristics, but it’s not the only one. We say that the code of life within our people has now adapted and evolved to make us different from all other peoples. To distinguish our code from that within other organisms, including other humans, we call our version of the code of life, Code A. Our goal is to protect and propagate Code A and have it expand always — and contract never.

“Don’t buy that crap that skin color is a trifle. It ain’t man. Skin is the largest human organ and it has all sorts of things going on with it. Its color is an integral part of the design. So don’t believe skin color is like paint. It ain’t.

“Some misguided people and some evil doers want you to believe that your skin color isn’t important so you’ll mate in such a way that your line loses your characteristics and blends back in with the rest of darker humanity. White skin is essential to our identity and to our further evolution. It’s been revealed by the First Cause, man, and He’s the ender of all arguments.

“See, in addition to everything else, our white skin is like a large radio telescope antenna or something like that. It’s an efficient receiver of the waves and vibrations that are beneath sub-atomic particles, and it’s a link with the Field.

“All right, you understand that about skin?

“Here’s some more about the basic stuff we believe. Each new person born is a potential new branching from the old. This is so because nature constantly shuffles the billions of letters in the DNA code of all organisms so that some life form is around that has a high probability of surviving whatever comes.

“Remember I just told you about the code of life? Well, to understand this, visualize the code as a self-constructing formula to make life. Maybe pretend it’s like a small corkscrew that you can hold in your hand. Drop the code anyplace and it starts to automatically spin life to suit the environment.

“It does this by turning so-called inert minerals into what we call life. What is life? Man, it’s a sack of minerals that can make more sacks much like itself. We’re walking dirt, man.

“So what is the real purpose of this code of life? The answer is that it is trying to expand itself to fill all of existence with itself. Yeah, it don’t give a damn about us or any other living creatures, man. It’s just programmed to expand itself forever. We’re a means to its end.

“Now, don’t be confused. The basic code doesn’t have consciousness or will. It’s more like a machine that is programmed to automatically expand into all niches by following the path of least resistance. And, it has sub-programs such as one that has it design life in an efficient and frugal way based on the concept of ‘form follows function.’

“Back on that cornucopia stuff, man. The code of life and its manifestation DNA, and sometimes RNA, is not only like a cornucopia because all life flows from it, but it also has the spiral form of a cornucopia.

“Look, you have to understand that we don’t say that DNA is the essential thing. We say the code of life that makes the DNA and the RNA, and whatever gives life to organisms on other planets, is what is essential. The code of life comes from the First Cause, man. What’s the First Cause? You can call it God, and we sometimes call it that also.

“It ain’t no friggin’ accident that DNA looks like a spiral or a hurricane or a distant galaxy, or my fylfot tattoo, man. It ain’t no accident at all. As above, so below. The First Cause sent forth the code of life and everything else in a way that explains much to those who are awakened and can see the truth in nature. It’s the spinning and turning that is important to existence, man.

“Here’s something else, the code of life is a lot more plastic and responsive than present science wants to believe.

“The code of life found inside all living organisms knows the temperature outside and inside and many other factors important to it and to the particular life it has created so that life can survive so the code of life will also survive.

“In fact, our senses are sending it readings all the time — that’s why we have senses, man, to help the code of life survive and expand. And, the code of life reacts to changes — but mostly subtly and slowly over generations with minor changes here and there. And, yes, as you’ve probably guessed, this is part of natural selection and evolution.

“But, see, the code of life can also, when it reaches a certain stage — when it has branched in the right direction — make leaps in evolution. We believe that the code of life is at that stage in the pure among us.

“You got it, man? At its heart, the code of life is a set of basic instructions that organize minerals into a form that lives. The code of life is eternal so long as it can produce life that will carry it. But the code is a tinker and an engineer. It is never satisfied and wants to keep improving life, to make it better, stronger, tougher, more efficient, and more conscious.

“To improve living things, it causes all life to struggle and compete for dominance to be the best carrier. It even causes subtle changes within similar organisms so they compete with each other and it causes competition right within our bodies with our alleles of genes competing for dominance in the finished product — a new human child that we produce.

“The code of life isn’t all of existence, but is just a part of it. As such, it has to be flexible to engineer life forms that will survive all sorts of changes. Remember, existence requires constant spinning. Constant spinning brings constant changes. So, like I said, the code of life invents all sorts of life in the hope that at least one form of life will survive for billions of years through everything that can possibly happen. If what the code of life creates survives, it survives.

“We also believe that the code has ‘landed’ on millions of other planets and probably right in ’empty space’ itself and is doing the same thing there as it is doing here. The universe is pregnant with life, man.

“On Earth, the code of life has survived many bottlenecks and mass extinctions and simply finds a new way forward. It seeks to overcome obstacles to make a life form that can live anywhere, but it can’t put everything in one bag. I mean it can’t design one type of life that can live everywhere. It’s an engineering impossibility. So, it makes many forms of life but it remains the same and unchanged within all the different forms of life. So, all the dinosaurs died. Big deal. The code survived and came up with new designs that were better adapted to a changed planet.

“Anyway, understanding a little about DNA and evolution are necessary to understand who and what we are and to find a purpose for our lives.

“The code of life is part of nature, man, but it’s only a part. Nature — all of nature — is much larger and is moving in its own way and in its own circles. The code of life adapts to those changes and we see this as evolution.

“We believe that we must now help with our evolution so that we are the ones that survive. Remember, the code of life doesn’t care if we live or die, it just wants some life to continue on. It is up to us to make sure that we are the ones who survive.

“So, our goal is like that of the code of life; we want to survive and expand to fill all possible niches with our kind. That is also what all other organisms want even if they don’t consciously know it.

“We who have freely chosen to take this righteous path are conscious of this. Our desire to expand and fill all possible niches with our kind is directed and guided by our religious beliefs in certain, very specific directions. This part is beyond most science and requires belief in the teachings which are based on revelations. Notwithstanding this, however, we believe that one can probably reason to the same conclusions as we have and in fact the teachings are full of the facts from science that can help one so reason.

“If most of our people don’t believe as we do, that’s no sweat off my brow, man. All any of us believers are commanded to do as far as proselytizing is to pass on the truth and try to awaken our people, but if they choose the wrong path, it’s their problem. And, maybe they just don’t have the right parts of the code to awaken, man. You gotta have the right parts or it don’t work.

“See, it’s like I told you before, if they aren’t able to wake themselves up after being exposed to the truth, it may be that their code is not really the same as our code even if they seem to look like us in many ways. Maybe they have a few letters in the code out of place or something that makes them internally different from us.

“Anyway, our children are going to dance on their graves and the unawakened will be missing in the next generation and in all future generations. They should go their own way and leave us alone, and we’ll go our way and leave them alone. We have a right to our religion and they have a right to theirs.

“This is Our Way For Ourselves Alone, man.”

(© 2011 H. Millard)

* * *

“Millard is an original. His books aren’t like your typical fiction. If you don’t know where to put his books, try the same shelf with Kerouac, Kafka, Sartre and Nietzsche…”

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