The All Too Real Sexual Frailty of Martin Luther King, Jr.

The All Too Real Sexual Frailty of Martin Luther King, Jr. thumbnail
And why we’re Lucky it didn’t get out at the time

by H. Braintree

AMERICANS LIKE their saints plastered, which is a problem because reality keeps intruding. Most people reading this probably have some inkling that MLK, like John Edwards, Bill Clinton, Newt Gingrich and a host of well-known political figures, was not exactly an unsoiled champion of marital fidelity. Ten to one you have no idea just how appalling the situation really was. To get the point across, here are some of Dr. King’s less known quotes.

“Come on over here, you big black motherf***er, and let me suck your d***.”
“I’m f***ing for God!”
“I’m not a Negro tonight!”

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People will surprise you, won’t they? Nothing can ever take away Dr. King’s success in tearing down the walls of racial discrimination… And yet, there was another side to him, the implications of which in hindsight are utterly appalling. Sexually, MLK led one of the most astonishing double lives in history. A separate life so at odds with his public image, it’s no wonder that it’s vanished down the old memory hole; the cognitive dissonance is almost brain-damaging. It should also increase one’s appreciation for sex’s ability to overrule every other sense, including that of self preservation.

Considering that Dr. King’s moral authority rested to a large extent on his status as a religious figure any revelation that he was cheating on his wife at all would have been extremely damaging to his reputation — never mind multiple sex partners. And the galling hypocrisy of a man who had successfully staked his reputation on non-violent resistance punching out a jealous female lover for mouthing off would not have been lost on all but the most gullible of lefties.

By April 1968 MLK had broadened his message to attacking the war in Vietnam. He was also starting to form a multicultural coalition of the poor to expand the safety net even more than it had been under LBJ’s Great Society. This posed a threat not just to the embarrassment that was (and often still is) our southern states but to the Washington establishment as well. With Nixon coming in, King would have lost a champion in the White House and there would have been very little holding J. Edgar Hoover back. The revelation of the Reverend King’s spectacular infidelity, not to mention his apparent bisexuality at a time when homophobia was still popular among liberals, would have been an absolutely devastating public relations disaster. And things proceeded badly enough as it was.

The chilling but obvious conclusion is that liberalism dodged a bullet when Dr. King didn’t.

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  1. I just assume every guy is getting all he can, just like Sigmund Freud explained. Some guys know they better not, but not because of morality — but because it would cause, over time, a net loss in pleasure.

    Defoe said “Every man would be a tryant — if he could.” You could reasonably adapt that to read “Every man would be hound dog — if he could”

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