Kill’em All Conservatism

What is it about the modern so-called conservatives that makes them so bloodthirsty?

by Richard Hoste

RICHARD SPENCER and Robert Burnham’s Facebook conversation is pretty frightening, but I must say that it pales in comparison to a recent Free Republic thread about Julian Assange.  A commentator recommends the government go after the man’s family and when someone objects he’s shouted down as a liberal commie.

Some other representative suggestions.

“His head would look good on a pike.”

“He truly needs to be carbombed…”

“Surely someone in our DOD can take this pipsqueak out. We have killed better men for less in the past.”

“I support a CIA covert operation to coat his butt-plug with arsenic. ARSEnic…get it? (too strong? sorry.)”

“This truly has become deadly serious. He needs to be taken out. No internet bravado here, our government or allies need to act and end this. I don’t know if our various agencies can act on their own, but if they can, I hope they do soon.”

“$200 for a bullet between that mother effer’s eyes.”

All this hatred, and for what?  Ten years ago a couple fanatics killed three thousand Americans.  Every death is a tragedy, but the US has sinned against the Muslim world much more than it’s been sinned against.  Half a million Iraqis died due to US sanctions and then another half million thanks to the war.  Yet if any Muslim in the world talks like these so-called patriotic citizens do it’s proof of the inherent depravity of the religion.

What’s really scary is speculating on what Republicans would advocate if there actually was a terrorist problem-this is, if the murder rate for Muslims ever reached 50% of what it is for Americans blacks or people of the Islamic faith ever managed to kill 1/10th as many people as the US murders overseas.  They already defend the right of the president to murder anyone whom he deems a “terrorist” and hold “enemy combatants” indefinitely.  Thankfully the “war on terror” is a government fabrication, for if it wasn’t and people actually were dying in any large numbers the US would by now make North Korea look like Hong Kong.

What indicates that conservatives are particularly dull is that they seem to understand that everybody in power is against them, but at the same time desire the state to have the prerogative to decide whether they live or die. …

I don’t know if I quite agree with Richard and Robert who believe that these sentiments represent something healthy that simply should be channeled into another direction….

The wars that resulted out of the attacks managed to somehow combine the worst aspects of White Man’s Burden imperialism and Wilsonian idealism.  And of course hostilities in the Middle East have facilitated the complete Zionist take over of the Republican Party.   Sure, there’s a decent bit of implicit whiteness and anti-ethnomasochism in there, but it’s in a very thick neo-con shell which will be very difficult to crack.

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2 thoughts on “Kill’em All Conservatism

  1. What passes for “conservatism” these days is NOT conservatism. It is a patchwork of good-sounding rhetoric about freedom coupled with total support for the warfare-military-Zionist establishment. It was created by Rupert Murdoch and Peter Chernin, heads of Fox News, and, let me tell you, those guys are NOT conservative.

    They did it to CONTROL conservatives, and they have been very successful. Thanks to the Mercury for pointing this out.

  2. American Mercury, you claim to support the right of Western civilisation to exist, yet there is barely an article here critical of Islam, surely one of its most powerful threats. Every article in the ‘Middle East’ section is concerned with Israel only – nothing on any other country in the region. Instead, just an acknowledgement that both the Christian bible and the Koran of Islam promote violence, regardless of numerous factors separating those religions in terms of nastiness. The above article seems to suggest that the US should not have even gone into Afghanistan after 9/11, and that there is no ‘terrorist problem’. Article after article mentioning Jews and Israel.

    No bias there!

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