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The Mysterious “Hutaree Militia”

Published by on April 13, 2010

The Mysterious “Hutaree Militia” thumbnail

Editorial by James Sanchez, European-American Issues Forum

Who are the previously off-the-radar “militia members” accused in an FBI bomb plot? What is real and what is “black ops” and propaganda?

I HAD NEVER heard of the Hutaree. Seemingly, the Hutaree were a vast conspiracy that wanted to kill police officers as part of a plot to start a race war or something. The FBI supposedly became aware of it when a member of a national news organization passed a tip to Council on American-Islamic Relations which in turn contacted the FBI.

Then raids were staged in several states. Everywhere the Hutaree surrendered peacefully and without incident. One group tried to escape and ran to their contact in the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia, a Muslim ( ! ), but he refused to help them. Before their Web site and computers were seized (by the FBI) and flooded with homosexual pornography: “a member of the Hutaree posted a message online pleading for help and claiming that officials ‘broke into homes and took children and used the tasers on wives … AND my son who is 12.'” (Torturing wives and children is an old Israeli technique and it has been commonly used in the War ion Terrorism: Khalid Sheikh Mohammed’s 8- and 10-year old sons were captured before he was and the US boasted in Pakistan that they were being tortured. So TASERing children to extract information from their watching parents has, apparently, just become routine.) (Netter, Sarah; Harris, Dan: Christian Militia Raid: Family of Four Allegedly Behind Plot to Ambush Police; Nine Members of the Hutaree Charged With Trying to Blow Up Cops, Court Docs Say; Hutaree: Militia Group Planning to Defend Against Satan. ABC News, March 29, 2010.)

What? One of the Michigan Militia leaders is Muslim? Moreover someone in close contact with the Hutaree, trusted by the Hutaree who believed him trustworthy enough to hide them from the police, and who lived very close to the Hutaree… Indeed, and the Muslim turns out to be an informant for the FBI: “One of the Hutaree members called a Michigan militia leader for assistance Saturday after federal agents had already began their raid, Lackomar [Mike Lackomar, of] said, but the militia member — who is of Islamic decent and had heard about the threats — declined to offer help. That Michigan militia leader is now working with federal officials to provide information on the Hutaree member for the investigation, Lackomar said Sunday.” (“Chambers, Jennifer; Shepardson, David; Brand-Williams, Oralandar. Seven Arrested In FBI Raids Linked To Christian Militia Group. Detroit News. March 28, 2010.)

Meanwhile, the African-American-Muslim MAS Freedom Foundation, fresh from its DC conference on the rights of Black cop-killers, lauds the FBI for its arrests of the Hutaree and applauds the important [if imaginary] role of the SPLC in fighting the Christian terrorism of the Hutaree. (MAS Freedom Foundation. Press Release: MAS Freedom Expressed Grave Concerns Over Extremist ‘Christian Militia’ Arrests. District of Columbia: MAS Freedom Foundation, March 29, 2010.)

(FBI-Detroit. Press Release: Nine Members of a Militia Group Charged with Seditious Conspiracy and Related Offenses. Detroit: FBI, March 29, 2010.)


I had never heard of the Hutaree. I went to their rather sad little Web site and found little of interest. Their three document Web pages were very primitive: Hutaree. (1) About Us. N.D., (2) Doctrine of the Hutaree. N.D., and (3) Hutaree Rank System. N.D. The Hutaree documents were not extreme. They were banal and did not advocate attacks on the police. After the mass arrests by the FBI, the Web site would soon be flooded with homosexual pornography: The simplest explanation is that the homosexual pornography was posted by the FBI, emulating a trick they learned when they were trained in Israel.

Every day the Hutaree plot is refined to be marketed for broader audiences. The Oligarchic media, the left, and the Muslims love it. But is is just another canned terrorist incident, like the mildly retarded Black members of the Seas of David in Florida or the Black dopers of the Synagogue Bombers plot in New York, targeting a group of social and political isolates with fantastic, heinous charges that will preclude anyone from seeing them as political victims of a government conspiracy. [Fox News. Ninth Arrest in Alleged Militia Plot to Kill Cops; Seven Men And One Woman Believed To Be Part Of The Michigan-Based Hutaree Militia Were Arrested Over The Weekend In Raids In Michigan, Indiana And Ohio. The Ninth Suspect Was Arrested Monday Night: Mar. 29: Suspects Tied To Hutaree, A Militia That Was Preparing For The Antichrist, Were Charged With Conspiring To Kill Police Officers. Updated March 30, 2010. Fox News, March 30, 2010. [Note: The original Fox News story stated the reason for the arrests was the sale of pipe bombs to FBI undercover agents in a sting and this language could still be found in Google search results that did not reflect the rewriting of the story.]

But there is a new element that is worth noting. In this plot against a dimwitted Christian militia, the FBI used Muslims to target Christians: Muslims to infiltrate the Hutaree (the Muslim militiaman they sought from whom they sought refuge, unsucessfully), Muslims to “sound the alarm” (the Council on American-Islamic Relations, MAS Freedom Foundation, etc.), Muslims to provide intelligence (that same Muslim militiaman cited above has become a major source for the FBI against the Hutaree), and Muslims to applaud the valuable work of the SPLC (MAS Freedom Foundation).

It is not unreasonable to wonder why the Hutaree fugitives thought they could turn to that [crypto?] Muslim militiaman: Did he, for example, provide them with supplies for making pipe bombs and provide them with a contact who wanted to buy pipe bombs? One wonders.

It seems that we have seen the first use of a new government tactic: The use of Muslim militias (the Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia is now effectively a Muslim militia, or at least a Muslim-infiltrated militia, something the SPLC would never talk about) as auxiliaries of the FBI and SPLC to entrap and destroy Christian communities. And CBS News blandly states the violent, terrorist Christian militia’s motivation is that they oppose “reform” and “health care reforms,” and predicts that there will be an upsurge of militia violence when “immigration reform” is undertaken later this year, especially because there is an African-American president. (CBS Evening News, March 30, 2010)

Like the Seas of David, the Synagogue Bombing Plotters, and the Branch Davidians, the Hutaree are probably guilty of nothing but stupidity, and yes, they will go to prison for life after terrorism show trials.

This is what America has become.

James Joseph Sanchez, PhD

President, EAIF

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Readers' Comments

  1. Matt Savino on March 8th, 2011 11:45 pm

    Dr. James Sanchez seems to make a lot of allegations with nothing to back it in his article. The “Muslim militiaman” that he is referring to is myself. If he did just a little research (which I would think that since he is a “doctor”, he might just do that before speaking out loud about something he knows nothing about) he would have found that things are a lot different then he portrays.

    The FBI didnt use anyone. Our local militia unit, Lenawee Volunteer Michigan Militia, decided to go to the Michigan state police because there was a one year old child with Joshua Stone that we felt was in danger. The police turned us over to the FBI agents and told us it was their case. When Josh came to “us” for help, yes we did decline because he didnt know why the BATFE, FBI, State police and other law enforcement were after him and his family. He understood our decision and said “I would be the same way, I wouldn’t get involved if I didn’t know what exactly was going on either. I appreciate your help anyway, thank you”.

    The only information we had was the number of people with Josh. We did not know any of them or their names or where they were going. We also didn’t go to the police until the next afternoon when one of the guys from my unit said that we should say something to the police cause that baby may be in danger of being hurt or killed if the police don’t know the little girl is with them (Josh and his friends). So I decided to call a meeting of our members and we voted as to what to do. Because one of the things a militia does is looks out for the safety of the local community and protect those that cant protect themselves, like a one year old girl. If the other people aged ~ 15-20 want to endanger their lives then that is their choice.

    And what the hell is the big issue with my religious preference anyway? I converted to Islam in 1998. I was born of a Lutheran father and Catholic mother. I served in the United States Navy. I earned my Eagle Scout in 1993 prior to joining the military.

    But I thought we had the freedom of religion in this country. To practice whatever believes you wish so long as they do not violate any laws or infringe on anyone else’s rights and freedoms. Am I wrong? Did I join the service and help to defend these rights only to have them taken from me? To be accused of things that there is no evidence of whatsoever?

    You could have asked for an interview with me just like the many many other news media personnel and writers and publishers that did. But I give them more respect than your sorry ass. because at least they put some effort into it and tried to get the information from the source instead of making up shit as they go.

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