Boomer Conservatives Are Always Wrong

We at the Mercury do not endorse every point made by the author here, but we do think his Menckenesque demolition of one of the most useless and offensive conservative types is quite brilliant.

by Kevin Alfred Strom

DURING HIS ADMINISTRATION, Donald Trump announced that the US was going to recognize the disputed city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv — exactly what the more extreme sorts of Zionist Jews and nutcase boomer conservatives have been demanding for decades. Never mind that historically, Jerusalem has not been populated mainly by Jews, was not founded by Jews, and was ruled by Jews only for a very tiny fraction of the time since its founding.

Historical timeline of the city of Jerusalem (Wikipedia); the three small blue lines indicate periods of Jewish control.

Neither the Jews nor the boomer conservatives — most of them Zionist Christians — care about those facts. The Jews do care about some things that are actually real, though — they care about increasing the territory and power of their racial supremacist state, Israel.

The boomer conservatives, in contrast, care about totally illusory things, things that are not real. They care about “fulfilling Bible prophecy” — about “God blessing those that bless Israel” — and they care about submitting themselves totally — pledging the lives of their children and a huge portion of their energy and wealth — to the self-styled “holy,” “godlike,” and “chosen” people, the Jews. Since Trump’s announcement about Jerusalem, they have been going into almost ecstatic paroxysms of joy, literally trembling with anticipation at the prospect of the “re-establishment” of a Jewish kingdom and temple (that probably never existed in the first place).

Weird montage of Jesus, Trump, bald eagles, and American military hardware is typical of boomer conservative iconography, which also sometimes includes bikini-clad girls holding firearms, Bibles floating in the sky next to copies of the US Constitution, American and Israeli flags, and related symbology — all invariably presented with zero subtlety and execrable taste. This example is from YouTuber “Matthew7-24MonteCarlo24-7,” who claims to be able to read “secret Bible codes” proving that Trump (or “Trumpet,” as he calls him) has come to fulfill ancient Hebrew prophecies. Not all boomer conservatives are this crazy, but it is embarrassing that they are White.

Boomer conservatives are not mentally healthy. They have wandered off into a psychological/ideological space that is so dysfunctional, so contrary to their own best interests, and so utterly disconnected from reality that they have become a danger to themselves and to all the rest of us who have somehow escaped the mind-virus that has them in its grip. They are so far off the tracks that I believe it is safe to say that they are wrong about everything — hence the title I gave to this program: “Boomer Conservatives Are Always Wrong.”

Some might accuse me of exaggerating. Surely boomer conservatives are right about a few things, they might say — and surely they’re not all as wacky as the extreme Christian Zionists I use as an example. They might also add that some boomer conservatives are just mildly Zionist because that’s what their churches have become in the last several decades, but they’re basically sound otherwise. Let’s examine these claims more closely.

First, let’s define terms here. The “boomers” to which I’m referring are an American phenomenon. The term is short for “baby boomers,” broadly defined as that generation born in the years after World War 2, when returning veterans were making up for lost time, starting families, and, buoyed by economically good times and a still basically intact White America, increasing the birthrate tremendously — hence the word “boom.” If you were born between 1945 and 1964, you’re a boomer. There’s some overlap, and quite a few people slightly outside that range are culturally boomers too.

The boomer cycle is drawing to a close. The last boomers are retiring, for the most part, or will be soon. Their legacy is nearly complete. And their legacy is this: They allowed, or in some cases caused, America to go from an almost entirely White — and consciously White — nation, still imbued with the stern virtues of our ancestors, the pioneer heritage of which was still remembered and revered; to a degenerate cesspool where nearly every sex perversion is regarded as a “sacred right” while healthy White children are allowed to be slaughtered in the womb and disposed of with no more ceremony than that accorded to a dead fly — where Third World invaders and rapists and criminals are given more rights than the descendants of the founders (and are effectively our masters in that we must work for them or be imprisoned), and where even the slightest assertion of White identity is regarded as the vilest crime, worthy of severe punishment, banishment, public execration, and psychological torture.

I shall not deal here with boomer liberals, though they do deserve a program to themselves, except to note that they firmly and enthusiastically bought into the dope-smoking, libertine, and neo-Marxist “counterculture” offered to them by the Jews. Today I am speaking of the boomer conservatives, who rejected — or who accepted and then later rejected — that counterculture.

I was born in 1956 so that makes me a boomer, too. But don’t you call me a boomer liberal — and don’t you ever dare call me a boomer conservative. When I see boomer conservative messages and memes — pictures of Donald Trump superimposed on flying eagles, 50-star flags, Israeli flags, American military hardware, bikini babes with machine guns, and the Constitution and the Bible floating in the clouds next to Jesus, I want to either laugh out loud — or cry at the degradation of my people. Literally nothing that these people believe in is worthy, good, or true.

Boomers were the first generation raised on Jewish television. Their parents, the so-called “Greatest Generation,” were at fault too — they were so naïve they had bought the transparent propaganda and the arranged incidents that induced them to slaughter their kin in Europe, and then were so lazy they let their children sit down in front of the lie-box for hours upon hours every week, or every day, and let Goldenson and Paley and Sarnoff be their babysitters and storytellers.

Boomers were inculcated from the moment of their birth with the myths that justified the mass fratricidal murder-frenzy of World War 2, the war that most of their fathers or uncles fought in. It was indoctrination on almost a religious scale, and very few have been able to break free of the lies: The lie that the “world needed to be saved” from Germany, whose leader Adolf Hitler “wanted to conquer the world” and was trying to exterminate the especially noble and of course totally innocent Jews, and would soon be coming for us; the lie that America had always stood for the opposite of everything that National Socialist Germany stood for (nearly an inversion of the truth); and the lie that any remnants of the principles of racial integrity left in America — like anti-miscegenation statutes, and borders, and immigration laws that favored Whites — were Hitler-like “evils” that needed to be expunged from our nation.

Boomers were sold on the idea that responsibility for the future of their race was “square,” “oppressive,” “wrong,” and, worst of all, passé. They were taught that racial conflicts should always be viewed in a “fairness” frame (is it fair to keep 4 billion non-Whites out of our country?) instead of Nature’s real frame of reference — that of survival. (Does allowing hundreds of millions or billions of non-Whites to cross our borders with impunity help or hinder our survival as a race?)

When many of the boomers later rejected the hippie counterculture, and developed a nostalgic yearning to return to the traditions and sense of community of the America they grew up in, they still retained this utterly false moral framework. This has made them totally ineffective at fighting the degeneracy they claim to oppose.

They are incapable of defining the problem (because “racism is wrong” it can’t be a racial/biological problem, they think); they are “morally” forbidden to conceptualize what a healthy future would be like (racial-nationalism, the only possible way to ensure a future for our children, is the very thing they have been taught is “the very definition of evil”); and they are fanatically opposed to naming the real enemy. (Because that would entail “racism” and the “ultimate sin” — “anti-Semitism.”) The very best they can ever do is complain that “it sure was better when I was young” while piously denying the reasons why it was better. Such people cannot win, ever — except in a fantasy world inside their fevered, crippled brains.

Do I exaggerate? Judge for yourself if this man’s brain is fevered and crippled. Here is an excerpt from the man whose stereotypical catering-to-boomer-conservatives graphic graces the top of the text version of this broadcast. He calls himself “Matthew7-24MonteCarlo24-7” on YouTube and he does claim to be an opponent of the New World Order (NWO) — as Dr. Pierce, the founder of the National Alliance also was. But there the similarity ends. Matthew, or whatever his name is, thinks Donald Trump, with Yahweh’s help as revealed by “secret Bible codes,” is the answer:

The American eagle is a force that will not be defeated! Donald Trump has just taken back those fighting eagles from the elite’s grasp the, NWO! Both America and Israel are protected by the F-15 Eagles wings! God took back these Awesome winged weapons from the NWO by putting his man Donald J Trump into Power and Draining The Swamp! God is not messing around any longer! Judgment of the wicked has began, weather they realize it yet or not does not matter! God’s Trumpet will not be stopped! Nor will his Christian Army of people!! We will became one mind, one party with the one voice of Yeshua! Amen!

There’s a man who can get plenty of likes on YouTube, I suppose, but who is for all practical purposes talking only to the Extreme Special Needs faction of boomer conservatives and is therefore a total nullity at best and at worst a confusion-sowing asset of those he claims to oppose. I’ll put my money on his having a fevered, crippled brain — though there is the remote possibility that his channel might be an intelligence operation or an amazingly well-done parody account.

Boomer conservatives are very bad at noticing things, preferring to live in a dream world of the pleasant fantasies they have been sold by the mass media, their preachers, and lying politicians. They failed to notice when their churches were converted into cheering sections for Israel, for example. They failed to notice that the entire banking system — not just the Fed, which some of them do view as “unconstitutional” — has been stealing a huge portion of their wealth for longer than they’ve been alive.

Boomer conservatives have near zero understanding of geopolitics, and think it’s totally normal for America to be Israel’s cannon fodder in Middle Eastern wars that never end, totally normal for the US to have a military budget nearly as large as that of the rest of the world combined, and totally normal to send their kids to die in order to impose debt-slavery and Jewish oligarchy on other countries under the guise of “democracy.”

Boomer conservatives, though they claim to abjure “socialism,” engage in near-worship of the socialist enterprise called the US military, and judge a president as “good” if he is “strong,” and “tough” and kills plenty of people — never mind who those people are and if they ever were a threat to our nation or not; what really matters to boomer conservatives is “not being weak” — and “being weak” is defined as failing to bomb Tehran or Damascus whenever the chosen overlords tell us it’s time to step lively. Boomer conservatives truly do have an understanding of the world only slightly more detailed and nuanced than that of a dog.

Boomer conservatives love preening themselves on how edgily “right wing” and “conservative” they are, but at the same time would rather have a head-ectomy than be thought of as “racist.” They are constantly — and I mean constantly — virtue-signaling about how “non-racist” they are. One such boomer conservative, whose name on Twitter looks like a typo, “Immortan Deplorable,” tweeted recently:

My lib ex-girlfriend dumped me because I like Trump. A lib sneered she was smart to dump me. Yup. I’m sure she’s happy with her cats, wine and Prozac. Meanwhile, I’m stuck with a drop-dead gorgeous Chinese doctor who is also a chef and nymphomaniac. Woe is me.

Wow. It’s all there in one brief tweet: He hates “libs”; he loves Trump; he’s so “manly” and getting so much “action” he has to brag about it on social media; and he’s so “anti-racist” that he replaced his former White girlfriend, who he pointedly insults, with a rich, supposedly “nymphomaniac,” Asian. Really believable, pal. And how “good” you are — not. Virtue signaling at its most pathetic.

I recently heard an on-air rant from a boomer conservative. He’s been known to complain about the anti-White actions of Black Lives Matter and the worst of the Social Justice Warriors. He dares to denounce Islam and Muslims. (He knows he has a faction of the controlled media and the establishment on his side when he does that.) But he’s very, very careful to observe the really big taboos that circumscribe the minds and thoughts of his fellow boomer conservatives — those quintessential slaves of Political Correctness who pose as its opponents. In describing a recent Thanksgiving get-together at his house, he made sure he told everyone how he had guests who were Christians, guests who “were of the Jewish faith,” guests who were Black and Asian and Indian and a few races I’ve probably forgotten. With tears welling up in his eyes and a lump in his throat, he told everyone how he rejected “racism” and how “we can all be Americans, no matter what our color, as long as we all came here to work our butts off and not be welfare leeches,” because “that’s what being an American is all about.”

Don’t be like that poor excuse for a man. Don’t be a part of the problem. Don’t be a fool. Don’t be a boomer conservative.

Do acknowledge that our problems are racial and biological. Do accept your responsibility to ensure a future for the next generation of our people. Do resolve to abandon all myths, to be utterly realistic and face the world as it actually is. And do join together with us; and use your life, whatever energy you may have, and your limited number of days on this planet, to sweep aside all obstacles, fools included, that block the path to our race’s destiny.

* * *

Source: National Vanguard

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