The American Mercury Endorses Donald Trump for President

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by Gideon Dene
Editor, The American Mercury

DONALD TRUMP is the obvious choice for President in 2016. It could even be argued that he is the only real choice Americans have had for a century or more. All of the other candidates have been, and are now, obvious shills for Wall Street and Zionist extremism.

Putting Hillary or Bernie in charge would be like sowing salt in the fields of America: Nothing would change, nothing would grow, America would keep on dying.

Hillary and Bern are oligarch-puppets, sexless mannequins made out of GMO- and pesticide-laced stale bread and kept animated by toxic preservatives and string-pulling media con men.

Trump is fresh, brash, brutally honest, red-blooded, masculine, and vitally alive. He is a real man, a real American — who prevails and gets stronger and stronger every time the media attack him. The people sense that honesty and that strength — and are giving him their loyalty, enthusiasm, and votes in ever-increasing numbers.

Donald J. Trump refuses to kowtow to Political Correctness. For example, he’s willing to notice differences, such as the differences between Muslims and the mostly Christian and free-thinking population of the United States. He’s even called for a temporary ban on Muslim immigration until we can decide as a nation which Muslims we should exclude for our own good — and which we should accept.

On the subject of “our own good”: To even utter the idea, as Trump has, that the existing American population has interests of its own that might not be served by wide-open borders is streng verboten according to the oligarchy that rules us. Trump’s blasting of the rotten oligarchy’s taboos to pieces with his frank words and powerful personality has opened up the Overton Window and brought us some real debate for a change. And that’s exactly what we needed.

He openly questions the wisdom of so-called free trade, going against the rotting secular religion of free market liberal democracy. “Free trade”? Bad idea, kills American jobs, makes us weaker, says The Donald. He doesn’t give a damn if his fellow billionaires are making more money exploiting Third World labor than can be imagined in the wildest dreams of avarice. He wants American jobs and American manufacturing protected — and expanded. And the financiers that run business and politics in this country hate that.

Candidates are supposed to be bought and paid for. They’re allowed to make occasional noises criticizing free trade, but never do anything substantial about it. Donald J. Trump, on the other hand, wants to renegotiate all the existing trade deals — with the interests of the American manufacturer, small businessman, and worker paramount in his mind — and set up some steep tariffs for foreign countries that won’t play fair. And the money-men know he means it. That’s why they hate him with a passion.

I wouldn’t trust the Wall Street crowd with my ice cream cone money, but I do trust their hatred of Donald Trump as an accurate indication that the Man in the Red Hat would spoil their selfish games. About time too!

Even though he has Jewish family members and is enthusiastically supportive of Israel, Donald Trump was against and remains firmly against the “neoconservative” cabal that brought us fifteen years of wars for Zionism in the Middle East, wars that have ravaged that part of the world, killed millions of innocents, and made an entire generation of Middle Easterners 1) hate the West, including America, and 2) migrate to the West, including America — a deadly combination for all concerned.

Donald Trump is simply being honest when he says we need to rethink these wars — and this wave of migration. He also says he would be an even-handed negotiator when it comes to peace between Israel and Palestine, which has enraged the neocons and some extremist Israelis — but given real hope to practically everyone else.

Speaking of hope, Donald J. Trump offers more real hope for African-Americans in one campaign stop than Barack Obama or Hillary have given in their entire sordid, sycophantic careers. Obama played Stepinfetchit to the bankers and the warmongers, and demoralized Black folks who thought he would be different. Bernie and Hillary would dance to the same tune, and everybody knows it.

The lying national media pillory Trump as a “racist,” but African-Americans have a sense that Trump is the real deal and his lack of smarmy PC-speak is proof that he’s not jiving them. They respect him. In a world of phonies, D.J. Trump is a real man. Black people are some of the biggest economic victims of mass immigration and “free trade” and plenty of them know it. People of color are among those most affected by America’s crumbling economy and infrastructure, and nobody but Trump has a plan to fix — or even seems to care about — those things. Many African-Americans are ready for a change and ready to vote Trump — the only Republican in decades with that kind of appeal.

Just because he laughs at liberal orthodoxy doesn’t make Donald Trump a conventional conservative. He’s more of a practical man — a deal-maker; a business-builder — who simply wants to make America great again by making things work again: and that means people, infrastructure, government, business, the works. And he’s willing to use the power of government to make that happen. Like Putin in Russia, Trump would be able to sit opposing factions down at a table and make things happen by the force of his personality and the implied force of the state behind his words. And he’d use both those forces against the entrenched, moneyed interests, too — something that the bought-and-paid-for milquetoasts who usually get elected are paid not to do.

Speaking of Putin, Trump is someone the Russian leader — and other world leaders — could work with and respect. Putin himself said so, and Trump reciprocated. (Trump is even willing to defy taboos and sit down and talk with Palestinian and North Korean leaders — what a refreshing change!) Respect is a word that is never used in conjunction with the pathetic crop of US presidents we’ve had lately — clueless boob and war criminal George W. Bush, servile lackey and war criminal Barack Obama, serial rapist, war criminal, and intellectual nonentity Bill Clinton. What a sad lot of amoral, order-taking phonies.

We at the Mercury do not hand out endorsements often or lightly. Most politicians are despicable criminals and employees of our oppressors — and some of the worst are Republicans. As our founder, H.L. Mencken, said: “In this world of sin and sorrow there is always something to be thankful for; as for me, I rejoice that I am not a Republican.

Frankly, the Republican establishment that openly hated Trump until a few weeks ago (and now secretly hates him) was right about one thing: Donald Trump is not really a Republican. True indeed. In our thoroughly crooked “two-party system,” Trump had to assume the mantle of one establishment party or the other. He took the Republicans’ mantle — against their will. But when he wins in November, he will not be a Republican president. He will be an American president.

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