Israeli Jets Scout Hungary

Israel is concerned about some recent political developments in Hugary: Are nerves on edge?

TWO reconnaissance jets of the Israeli Air Force (IASF) were seen flying across Hungary recently, approaching Budapest Airport twice but not landing, according to daily Magyar Nemzet.

Istvan Bocskai, spokesman for the Hungarian Ministry of Defense (HM), told the daily that the planes possessed diplomatic permission but declined to comment saying these were not issued by HM.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry was also unavailable for comment, adding that such permits fall under the jurisdiction of the National Transport Authority (NKH), Magyar Nemzet reported.

The Israeli Air Force is the air force of the Israel Defense Forces, founded at the same time as the formation of the State of Israel.


Hungarian TV channel HirTV claims that the Israel Defense Ministry Spokesman has confirmed that a so-called ‘Hercules’ type cargo aircraft had approached Budapest Airport, and that IAF planes regularly enter Hungarian airspace.

The statements contradict Magyar Nemzet’s claim.

HirTV also claimed that Israeli Ambassador to Hungary Aliza Bin-Noun had referred to the planes as reconnaissance jets but denied the term ‘spy planes.’

The National Transport Authority declined to comment on the purpose of the Wednesday incursion.

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