U.S. an Aggressor Nation?

The United States, says historian Mark Weber, has changed from a republic focused on its own prosperity and well-being to a globally intrusive military empire. This worldwide military presence reflects an entrenched American view that the U.S. is a social-political “model for all nations,” and therefore has a right, based on perceived moral superiority, to intervene everywhere. He traces the evolution of this outlook from the fateful Spanish-American War of 1898, and the false pretexts and promises used since then to justify wars. Going to war to fight “evil” or “terrorism,” says Weber, is a recipe for endless strife and conflict.

Video based on interview with Weber by Daniel Davis, host of the “Beyond 50” program for baby boomers. Produced and edited by Joy Ramos Davis of Beyond 50 Productions. Runtime: 10 minutes.

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