Does Race Exist? Do Hills Exist?

by Ron Unz ALTHOUGH my own academic background is in theoretical physics, I’m the first to admit that field seems in the doldrums these days compared with human evolutionary biology. The greatest physics discoveries of the last couple of years–the Higgs Boson and strong evidence for Cosmological Inflation–merely confirm the well-established beliefs that physicists have had since before I entered Continue Reading →

Audio Book: The Frank Case, part 1

THE AMERICAN MERCURY is proud to present the first part of our audio version of a rare, almost-suppressed book on the murder of Mary Phagan and the trial of Leo Frank, 1913’s The Frank Case — published almost immediately after the events it details took place, when they were fresh in the minds of Atlantans. Only one original copy is Continue Reading →

The Hidden History of How Israel Was Created

by Alison Weir (pictured) I HADN’T originally meant to write a book. For over a dozen years I had been reading excellent books containing facts about the history of US-Israel relations that very few people seemed to know — even individuals highly knowledgeable about the history of the Middle East. Because so few people are aware of this information, inaccurate Continue Reading →

The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man, part 27

by Philip St. Raymond for The American Mercury AS WE NEAR the end of this monumental audio book, we hear the long and moving list of lynching victims, contemporaries of Leo Frank — dozens upon dozens of names, and even some poor souls without names, so unsung were they and so uninvestigated were their murders. After hearing and comprehending the magnitude Continue Reading →

The Leo Frank Case: The Lynching of a Guilty Man, part 26

by Philip St. Raymond for The American Mercury THE LEO Frank case marked the maturation of — and radical changes in — the organized Jewish strategies relating to both whites and blacks in the United States. Prior to the Frank case, Jewish groups had definitely positioned themselves (whatever they privately thought, which may have been quite different) as a white ethnicity, Continue Reading →