New Video on the Leo Frank Trial — YouTube Miniseries

ABOVE YOU WILL SEE another superb video by reallygraceful on YouTube (hosted on another server in case the ethnically-distinct censors at YouTube decide to take it down) who has conducted thorough research on the Leo Frank case and murder of little Mary Phagan. She is presenting the facts of this case in her new video (number one of a miniseries) Continue Reading →

American Pravda: The Leo Frank Case and the Origins of the ADL

by Ron Unz SOME WEEKS AGO both the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal devoted considerable space to the coverage of “Parade,” the revival of a 1998 Broadway musical on the 1915 killing of Leo Frank, a Jewish factory manager in Atlanta, Georgia, arguably the most famous lynching in American history. Frank had been convicted and sentenced to death for the rape Continue Reading →

New Video: Leo Frank Is Guilty by Philip St. Raymond WE ARE very pleased to present here a new American Mercury video based on the widely reprinted 2013 Mercury article by Bradford L. Huie, 100 Reasons Leo Frank Is Guilty, and using the audio book read by Miss Vanessa Neubauer as its basis. The article was written for our centenary retrospective of Mary Phagan’s 1913 Continue Reading →

Mary Phagan’s Family Opposes Exoneration of Sex Killer Leo Frank

Why is it that the family of Mary Phagan, the victim of rapist and murderer Leo Frank, are given no voice at all as the Jewish lobby pressures Georgia to exonerate the killer — who was also a high B’nai B’rith official? The following Phagan Family Position Paper was originally published at MY NAME is Mary Phagan-Kean and I Continue Reading →

Three Deaths by Strangling: Mary Phagan, Leo Frank, and Truth

Mary Phagan, just a few weeks short of her 14th birthday, was an Atlanta child laborer who was planning to attend the Confederate Memorial Day parade on April 26, 1913. She had just come to collect her $1.20 pay from National Pencil Company superintendent Leo Frank, when she was knocked down, struck, and wounded by […] Continue Reading →