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Needed: A New Sexual Morality

Published by on June 13, 2013

Needed: A New Sexual Morality thumbnail

Arman asks: Do we need a new code of sexual morality?

by H. Millard

IN OUR BELIEF SYSTEM for ourselves alone, our thinking on morality is based on the belief that each of us as White individuals must multiply and expand our particular DNA Code to its maximum during our lifetimes.

In what follows, you can substitute “God” or the “First Cause” for “Nature” and vice versa.

The DNA code: We believe that what is most essential in each individual is his or her DNA code and that we, as the individuals we see in the mirror, are the means to the spread of that internal DNA code. It would be an error in thinking, however, to believe that we — who we see in the mirror —  are nothing but robots who exist for the pleasure of some internal “being” that orders us about. We and our DNA code are one, and are inseparable, and the DNA code is not a separate being and is not capable of thinking or willing anything. The basic core DNA code — that we believe is the same in all life — is, speaking metaphorically, like a tiny machine that has been programmed to constantly, endlessly, and tirelessly make more like itself by tinkering, changing, and modifying the add-ons to the basic core DNA code. We as humans and specifically as White humans are examples of those add-ons as are all other forms of life, and each form of life has its own particular DNA code surrounding the basic core DNA code. We call our White subspecies DNA code “Code A.”

The basics: As you read on, remember that humans have 46 chromosomes with about 3.1 billion combinations of the four letters of DNA — A,T,C,G (think of them as genetic playing cards) — and about 20,000 genes. When we are conceived, we get 23 chromosomes from our father and 23 from our mother. That means a child will receive approximately 1.5 billion genetic playing cards from the father and 1.5 billion from the mother, and in those genetic playing cards will be 10,000 genes from the father and 10,000 from the mother. If the father and mother are of the same subspecies (subspecies is a better term for race), and in our case this means if both parents are White, that child will be fully of that subspecies. If the father and mother are not of the same subspecies, that child will be mixed.

Remember, also, that It takes two White parents to produce a new White child. A White person and a person from any other subspecies cannot produce a White child. Why? Simply because that child will never have the full complement of White chromosomes and genes. Remember, it takes 46 White chromosomes to make a new White child and every child gets 23 chromosomes from each parent.

Our internal clocks: Nature has set things up so that females of our species can only get pregnant about once every year. And, Nature has also set it up so that our females usually only produce one child at a time. A female’s internal clock starts young and runs out fairly young. That’s one of the reasons why females of our species mature faster than males — to increase their child bearing years so they can produce the maximum number of children. The other reason why human females mature faster than males is that her eggs get old as she ages and they are better when they are fresh.

Men, on the other hand, can impregnate several women a day every day of the year. Men can also produce children late into life as their internal clock keeps running until they die. Nature is a frugal inventor and just as it has designed females in a certain way with a certain internal clock in order for the species to survive and expand to its maximum, it has also designed males with certain other attributes to also help the species survive and expand — but more of this below.

If we followed Nature’s way, with Nature’s true morality, we would not have males tied to a female’s internal clock, which is exactly what happens in a traditional one man, one woman marriage.

So, either Nature is wrong about how humans should make more like themselves, or we humans are wrong. In fact, it is we humans who are wrong with our artificial morality. We have arrogantly overruled the survival and evolution methods that Nature has engineered for our species. Instead of maximizing our reproduction, as Nature intends, we have minimized it. This artificial morality holds down our birthrate and is a prescription for our extinction. In fact, this one man, one woman morality has been going on for so long that many humans incorrectly think it is natural. It isn’t. In our world today, we’re seeing a similar attempt to overrule Nature as humans begin accepting homosexuality and homosexual marriage as normal. Normal? This is absurd. How can anyone think homosexuality is normal? Such relationships produce no children. And, Nature screams out to go forth and multiply your kind. That’s why we have males and females.

Sperm and eggs: But there’s more to this that needs to be understood. In our species, men constantly produce new sperm, while a woman produces her lifetime’s worth of eggs just once and then automatically rations them out each month — unless she’s pregnant, and then, in this case, the rationing stops until after she gives birth and then the eggs start being rationed out again.

Because of the constantly produced new sperm, changes can and do occur in the sperm caused by everything from temperature in the environment, to cosmic rays, and even emotional pressures of the world around the man, such as wars and other situations, both external and internal, that cause the man’s brain to have various stresses and reactions which in turn cause his body to release hormones differently, which then affect the sperm. It is these changes in the sperm that bring about most mutations in our species. That is why men produce sperm all the time until they die of old age; to allow for changes in the species as changes in the world happen, so that the species can adapt genetically and survive. The goal of Nature is to bring forth a new life that is ready for the way the world is when the child is born. But, too many changes, too fast, could have a deleterious effect on the species, because some of the changes in the world might just be temporary, and will change back to the way it was before; so a woman’s eggs provide a check on the changes and give stability to the species. To express it in somewhat exaggerated words: We wouldn’t want to have our children develop thick pelts of fur after just one aberrant and especially cold winter.

To put all of this in slightly different terms, Nature has set things up this way with the sperm and the eggs for two major reasons. The first reason is that it wants stability of the type. This is afforded by the eggs which are not changed once they’re made and will give a new child half of its chromosomes that have not been changed. Yet, Nature needs to be able to bring in changes to the species when necessary so that the species can adapt to ever-changing conditions. The constantly produced new sperm of males allow necessary changes to be introduced into half of the chromosomes.

Mutations: Up until recent years, it was thought that mutations were mostly rare and harmful. This was because the mutations that were easily seen were usually major things that caused deformities in the child. We now know that’s not the way it is. We now know that mutations happen all the time and that most are very minor and often not seen, but they are still there and they can have a cumulative effect. The reality is that Nature constantly shuffles those 3.1 billion genetic playing cards of our DNA code, but the shuffle only usually changes a few cards in the order of the deck at a time and if the changes give a survival advantage to the organism, then, in time, the changes may spread throughout the whole population. In fact, that’s how we White people came into existence. Among other changes, we mutated to have our White skin so we can produce more Vitamin D than darker peoples.

Our belief: In this faith, we believe that the important part of each of us is our particular DNA code and that we are commanded by Nature (again, read God if you prefer) to multiply and expand that code that we carry within us as much as possible. This means that we must have as many children of our kind of human as possible. But note that this command is given to each of us as individuals. Thus, every male is commanded as an individual to have as many children as he can during all the years that he can produce children. And, every female is also commanded to do the same thing. So you can see right away that we have a problem with the present artificial morality that demands a man and woman be a traditionally married couple to be the parents of children. This prevents a man from spreading his particular DNA code as Nature commands and slows down mutations, the expansion of our DNA code, and our evolution. If human evolution is stalled as some have maintained, it may be because of the false morality as outlined above.

* * *

From the above comes a natural morality for the survival, expansion and evolution of the White subspecies:

1. Marriage or mating arrangements that hold a male to the female one-child-a-year body clock are artificial and hold down our birthrate. Polygamy and similar forms of marriage and arrangements are most likely to help a male expand his particular DNA code to the maximum, and will still offer stability and support to the mothers who will not just be abandoned by the males.

2. Women are precious and special, precisely because they can only usually produce a new one of us just once a year. This means that we must protect them and keep them from harm’s way. This also means that women in the military should not serve in combat and women should not be put in danger. Men are more expendable.

3. Homosexuality is wrong because it does not allow us to multiply and expand our DNA code to its maximum.

4. Miscegenation is wrong because it does not multiply or expand or help evolve our particular DNA code because it produces children who are not White.

5. Birth control in all its forms and celibacy and family planning are all wrong because they limit the multiplication and expansion of our DNA code.

6. Anything that shortens our lives is wrong because this keeps us from expanding our DNA code. Thus false patriotism and wars that are not to advance our particular DNA code are wrong for us.

7. The command to go forth and multiply your kind is the responsibility of each male and each female individually.

Now, to be clear, this is not a call for the wholesale abandonment by Whites of traditional one man, one woman marriages for those who want such marriages — but for those who want to expand their DNA code to the maximum, and who want to help guarantee our survival and our evolution as a people, other forms of relationships that allow this to happen are needed that are more in tune with the biological realities of our species as engineered by Nature.

Furthermore, those Whites who are in traditional marriages where their mate is unable to conceive, often wrongly believe, because of societal conditioning and false beliefs, that they must follow artificial man-made morality and not expand their particular DNA code because of their barren marriage. This is false thinking and false morality and will lead to the extinction of the DNA code of the mate who can procreate, unless that mate follows Nature’s command given to each of us individually, to procreate.

(© 2013 H. Millard)

* * *

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